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Facebook frustration led to creation of left-wing media aggregator

Joschka Tryba’s motivation for creating a progressive media aggregator was pretty simple. “Basically, I got sick of Facebook,” the publisher of LeftTimes says. “I was deep in the left-wing Facebook world in the Bernie (Sanders) years and felt like, no matter how hard I tried to train Facebook to give me a good news feed… … More

A thought-provoking report from the front lines of gentrification

Many know it as The Hammer, Steeltown, or Steel City. But for an increasing number of people, Hamilton is simply “home.” The Southern Ontario city, often ridiculed for its pollution-belching smokestacks and blue-collar sensibilities, has been attracting new residents and new investment at a dizzying pace. In Shift Change: Scenes from a Post-industrial Revolution, Stephen … More

Here’s the next sporting event Canada should boycott

Canada’s diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics will not end the ongoing persecution of China’s Uyghur population. Nor will it curb the host country’s quelling of free speech, its use of hostage diplomacy, its incarceration of journalists and dissidents, its repression of women, or its continued military provocations against Taiwan. Truth be told, Canada’s … More

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