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An engaging and highly readable account of Nova Scotia’s post-war political history

It’s been a turbulent year in Nova Scotia politics. Stephen McNeil stepped down in February after more than seven years as Liberal premier. His replacement, Iain Rankin, lasted a mere six months before suffering a shocking electoral defeat at the hands of Tim Houston and the Progressive Conservatives. Taking into account Shakespeare’s observation that “what’s … More

Does Jagmeet Singh need a new tailor?

It’s abundantly clear Jagmeet Singh’s bespoke suits don’t have coattails. How else does one explain the NDP being down 14 seats, over the course of two elections, with him at the helm? In Atlantic Canada, where the NDP won six seats a decade ago, the party has been wiped off the electoral map. In Quebec, … More

Trudeau tries to woo progressive voters by insulting their intelligence

There’s a saying in Canadian politics: “Liberal, Tory, same old story.” It’s proven so true over the years that it could reasonably be called a maxim. But don’t tell that to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who opened a new offensive yesterday in his party’s increasingly desperate battle for left-wing votes. “Shame on you, Jagmeet Singh … More

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