Does Jagmeet Singh need a new tailor?

It’s abundantly clear Jagmeet Singh’s bespoke suits don’t have coattails.

How else does one explain the NDP being down 14 seats, over the course of two elections, with him at the helm?

In Atlantic Canada, where the NDP won six seats a decade ago, the party has been wiped off the electoral map.

In Quebec, where it seized 59 seats in 2011, it’s been reduced to a single outpost.

The NDP came close in only one riding in the Maritimes.

Lisa Roberts, the NDP MLA for Halifax Needham the past five years, was seen as having a legitimate chance to unseat Liberal incumbent Andy Fillmore in the federal riding of Halifax.

But she failed to do so, despite two campaign visits from Singh and an astonishing 12-point drop in Green support.

If Singh can’t help the NDP win in Halifax — the former seat of NDP leader Alexa McDonough and deputy leader Megan Leslie — where can he?

Certainly not in St. John’s East, the only riding held by the New Democrats entering this election.

Incumbent MP Jack Harris did not re-offer, but the NDP was able to recruit Mary Shortall, the outgoing president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour and a well-known activist in the province.

With 180 of 182 polls reporting, Shortall is down by an insurmountable 3,000 votes to the Liberals’ Joanne Thompson.

Maybe they don’t have TikTok in Newfoundland and Labrador.

To be fair to Singh and his party, there’s no denying the NDP was hurt all across the country by our undemocratic and unrepresentative first-past-the-post voting system.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who broke his 2015 election promise to scrap FPTP, exploited it in the final days of this campaign by encouraging progressive voters to support the Liberals to prevent a Conservative win.

And yet, strategic voting alone doesn’t explain Singh’s inability to make strides in this election.

Though highly likeable according to the polls, he was unable to close the deal with voters.

Maybe his messaging was off. Maybe there was too much focus on social media. Or perhaps the NDP platform wasn’t properly constructed to appeal to everyday Canadians.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear: either Jagmeet Singh needs to switch tailors, or the NDP needs to change leaders.